Former Officer’s Death Determined Accidental

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Lana Millbocker was a former Seaside Police Officer and Detective and Clatsop County Juvenile Department employee

Wednesday morning, May 30th, investigators from Astoria Police Department met with Clatsop County District Attorney’s office for a briefing on the investigation into the April 5, 2012, death from a gunshot wound of Lana Millbocker, age 35, of Astoria.

On April 5th at 10:05 PM, Astoria Police responded to a residence in the 900 block of Franklin to a report of a gunshot victim. On arrival they found Millbocker seriously injured with a gunshot wound to the head. Indications were that the wound was self inflicted. Medix and Astoria Fire personnel provided aid to the victim who was transported to Columbia Memorial Hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Lana Millbocker is a former Seaside Police Officer and Detective who was currently working with the Clatsop County Juvenile Department at their detention facility. North Coast Chaplaincy responded to Seaside Police Department to be of service to employees there and the Clatsop County Juvenile Department made plans for aiding both employees and youth who were affected by Millbocker’s death.

Millbocker and her partner were alone at her residence at the time of the incident. Millbocker’s partner cooperated fully with the investigation. It was indicated at that time that Millbocker’s discharge of the firearm was not intentional. Investigators did not believe foul play was involved in Millbocker’s death. An autopsy was conducted by the Oregon State Medical Examiners office. Its findings were consistent with statements obtained and the scene investigation.

After discussing the case, and coming to an agreement with certainty, Astoria Police will be closing the investigation. “This investigation is closed with no doubt on anyone’s part,” said Chief Peter Curzon. “This was a tragic accidental death. There is no suspicion of any intent by Ms. Millbocker or any other person.” Investigators learned today that the death certificate will be signed with the manner of death as accidental.

One Response to Former Officer’s Death Determined Accidental

  1. Patrick Marquis

    Do NOT play with guns. Do NOT keep loaded guns in your home. If you actually need a gun in your home for some reason you will undoubtedly have time to load it if you need to. This woman either shot herself on purpose or, especially for a professional, she was extremely careless. Either way it’s a tragedy that could have been prevented.