Fund Established For Young Heroine and Her Sister

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Two year old, Layla Huff was rescued from wrecked car by her four year old sister, Arianna Rath, after mother died in the accident.

An account has been established for the little girl and the sister she saved after a tragic single car accident killed their mother. Donations can be made to the Rath Huff Benefit Fund at Wells Fargo Bank, 1218 Commercial, Astoria, Oregon, 97103 or via Paypal to for Aryianna Rath and Lylah Huff. The girls remain hospitalized at this time from injuries received at the time of the accident, complicated by over six hours in the rain and cold as they waited for help to arrive.

An account has been established at Wells Fargo Bank in Astoria, Oregon, for the sisters who crawled from the wreckage of a single vehicle accident after their mother perished in an accident on SR-401 near Naselle, Washington, early Wednesday morning.  Christina Dorning, at the Astoria branch of Wells Fargo, has confirmed that an account has been opened and donations can be made to the Rath Huff Benefit Fund at any Wells Fargo Bank branch, mailed to 1218 Commercial, Astoria, Oregon, 97103 (earmark for Rath Huff Benefit Fund) or via Paypal to

Aryianna Rath, four years old, pulled her younger sister, Lylah Huff, out of the accident wreckage after their mother apparently fell asleep at the wheel, drove off the road and came to a stop only after slamming into a tree, sometime after midnight on Wednesday. Their mother died at the scene.

According to Washington State trooper Russ Winger , despite the fact that Aryianna suffered injuries she was able to pull her two year old sister out of the vehicle. Aryianna then wrapped Lylah and herself in a blanket and they spent the next six hours, or so, huddled under bushes until alert fishermen driving by saw the gashed tree and stopped to check for signs of an accident.

After discovering the wrecked vehicle with the remains of the girls’ mother, Jessica Marie (Rath) Huff still inside, they started back to their car to report the incident when they found the girls in the bushes. The commercial fishermen who found the girls, Kraai McClure and Scott Beutler, called Aryianna a hero for saving her little sister and keeping her warm until help arrived.

The girls were taken to Columbia Memorial Hospital in Astoria, to be stabilized and later transported to OHSU. An Oregon Health & Science University spokeswoman confirmed that the younger sister, Lylah Huff, was at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital. The girls’ father, Keaton Huff, declined interview requests Thursday and asked the hospital not to release his daughter’s condition. Washington State police are still investigating the accident.

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UPDATE 2/23/2013: The name of the fund has been updated from Medical Fund to Benefit Fund. The article reflects the updated name.

6 Responses to Fund Established For Young Heroine and Her Sister

  1. Claypool Family of Warrenton

    RIP Jessica! Get well girls! You are little angels and our community is behind you :-) Hang in there and get well soon <3

  2. Thank you for the update. Bless these children.

  3. For sure there were guardian angels watching over these two and it was not their time. They have been in my thoughts and prayers since hearing of this. Bless their little hearts- They look so angelic in this picture. Get well sweeties. God loves you big time. May Jesus continue to wrap His arms around you and may you have a powerful testimony when you are able to tell us about it .

  4. where is the best place to send a card to the dad and kids or maternal grandma and when is a service for the mom??

      97216 cLAREMONT ROAD
      ASTORIA OR. 97103
      thak you for your prayers for this family.
      Koni Morrill

  5. To send a card to the family of Jessica (Rath) Huff send it in care of their grandfather (Jessica’s father), Mike Rath, 92716 Claremont Rd, Astoria, Oregon, 97103.,