Return of the Catacombs

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By Art Hyland

The 2012 presidential election victory (by fact, by fraud, or by both) will be America’s decision of the current millennium. The nation is now divided. Not between or among the classes promoted by the Democrats who have routinely sorted groups by race, income, wealth, digital access, and a thousand other sub-classes in their unending search for victims to label, save, and subjugate. No, not talking about all those.

Because there are only two classes now: “Christians” and “Romans”.

If you are called an extremist, if you revere an old document created long ago by people known as “founders,” if you lack that old motivation to produce because of unending taxes, fees, regulations and other barriers, if you have to pay more attention to rules than customers, and if you are disillusioned enough to consider going underground, searching for ways to hide or reduce your business, your income, or just preserve your wealth (what’s left of it), if you don’t believe in the Big Bang theory, then you are a “Christian” regardless of any religious affiliation. The Tea Party is “Christian.”

If you are an individual, business or corporation who is a member of the government, depend upon government through direct or indirect payments, salaries, grants, food stamps, subsidies, tax receipts, special privileges and the like, you are a “Roman.” This includes even those who believe in some of what the “Christians” believe because if you wittingly, unwittingly or by default fall into the membership described above, you are what you have assumed. You may be a prospect for full conversion to “Christianity,” but in this division of America, you can’t straddle between the two. You either voted for one of these two classes, or you didn’t vote, in which case you agreed to endorse the current “Roman” leader.

However, just like Roman centurions, one of the most powerful of civil servants back then, today’s ordinary “Roman” can believe “Christian” values while remaining on the other side of the divide. Assimilation in the “Roman” world of today is no different than accepting a Star Trek ‘Borg’ wrist insertion: the juices of government flowing in your veins are like a virus or an antidote, and at some time in one’s “Roman” life, a determination of which kind is made. Truth is a belief in what is, or it is so relative as to not be welcomed as a concept at all. It is one’s recognition of which kind of truth to live by that determines your class.

For modern “Christians,” for the moment, welcome to the Catacombs of 2013. Your beliefs have been temporarily diluted, but not the truths. Underground has taken on a new meaning, but the purpose is the same: survive, wait for an opportunity, pick them off from time to time, and be patient–they will be defeated by their own doing. Gravity has not been reversed, despite so many things upside down.

The ancient Romans persecuted Christians ruthlessly for hundreds of years while becoming so arrogant, and so immune from reality that they self-destructed financially, having destroyed themselves morally generations prior. It took the Christians about 300 years to be able to leave their catacombs behind, replace Christianity where Romans used to rule, and to ultimately dominate the culture and landscape of the West. As time passed, what used to be Roman became Italian, Romanian, Serbian, German, Norman and other geographically designated peoples in a long march through their transformation. But in America, we already have states; states that were independent to begin with, and states that agreed to become united with the others only by restricting the central government to specified powers, retaining all powers unspecified to the states and the people.

So if you’re a designated American “Christian,” rejoice, you will win your battle of America. It’s just that the time line may not be what you hope for. But with technology moving humans faster in space as well as time, perhaps what once took 300 years will now take 300 days. The speed of light has not only been determined, but has been harnessed in the digital movement of ideas and facts. Arithmetic, which pre-dates almost all human designations, is the final, worldly arbiter of nations, states, empires or administrations; numbers, while old in and of themselves, are moving as fast as light.

“Christians” won’t have to wait for a messiah because one is not needed (odd isn’t it that Obama is a messiah to the new “Romans”) . All that needs to be done is to eliminate public perception control, the effective weapon utilized by the “Romans” of today. They believe those who control perception control the culture, and those who control the culture control their world, maybe the world itself. But now, much more than in General George Patton’s time, glory is as fleeting as the technology itself, with the cycles more frequent, more volatile, and likely to becoming irrelevant in less than one generation. It may seem like Mission Impossible, eliminating perception as a weapon, but the shallowness of its strength is the germ of its demise. It is still stated eloquently (you know where) that truths are held to be self-evident. Perception control is fleeting by definition, without substance, but is occasionally clever enough to temporarily fool people who are themselves defined by the word, and who never came to know the truths spoken by wise men in our history.

The Obama administration, along with the liberals who dominate Washington D.C. these days, don’t think of the United States as it has been for 225 years, but how its inhabitants fit into the world in general; for them the state itself is obsolete, turning everything on its head as it were, in an effort to demonstrate how progressive they truly are, by, again, attempting to create a utopian, Star Trek One World culture that doesn’t have to work, just explore the universe as the enlightened, chosen people that they are.

Bull. Nobody’s chosen or enlightened in this administration or any other for the past 225 years. America has wandered so far from its founding principles as to be unrecognizable. What used to be a tapestry of individuals accomplishing little things by themselves, and big things collectively, all done freely–with self-determination and creativity propelling them to greatness– has become (temporarily) a collective controlled by masters of perception. This cycle of control will fail out of its sheer weight of stupidity, immorality and applied ignorance.

I just hope I live to see its province as subjects for museum displays, or better, where American children and generations to follow are once again taught that truth, not perception, is the coin of the realm.