One of County’s “Bigger Meth Dealers” Gets 5.5 Year Sentence

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Erin Albert Ayles receives a sentence of 68 months from a Clatsop County Circuit Court judge after pleading No Contest when a co-defendant turns state’s evidence during his trial.

On November 1st, Erin Albert Ayles, age 59, was sentenced to 68 months in prison by Judge Cindee Matyas for Delivery of a Controlled Substance (DCS). Chief Deputy DA, Ron Brown called Ayles, “one of the bigger dealers of meth in our county.” Brown said that Ayles had been dealing multiple ounces of meth on a weekly basis, which he reportedly obtained from his source in Portland.

Ayles was arrested in September during Clatsop County Drug Task Force’s “Pandora’s Box” operation. The search warrant served at that time found 11.5 grams of methamphetamine, which was seized from Ayles at the time of his arrest.  Due to his persistent involvement in the same type of offenses, this was Ayles third conviction for Meth DCS this year, Brown sought, and Ayles was given, an “upward departure” sentence, raising the guidelines for his sentencing to the next criminal history category up. The court also forfeited drug money seized from Ayles.

The Drug Task Force arrested 30 individuals in September and October on various drug charges (both methamphetamine and heroin) after an investigation which lasted several months. Search warrants were executed at three separate residences at the time Ayles was arrested with 19 additional people being arrested. Pacific County Drug Task Force provided equipment and personnel to assist with the execution of the search warrants and arrests.

A search warrant was served at this compound, on HWY 26 outside of Seaside, in a Drug Task Force operation named “Pandora’s Box” netting “one of Clatsop County’s bigger meth dealers,” according to Chief Deputy DA Ron Brown. Photo courtesy of Clatsop County Sheriff’s office.

Ayers was arrested in a compound on Highway 26, near mile post marker 4. In a report from the Clatsop County Sheriff’s office the compound was described as six campers and RVs surrounding a house with none of the structures having electricity or water service. Numerous electrical cords reportedly lead from a generator to several locations within the compound. Sewage from the compound was directed through pipes into the Necanicum River, which flowed alongside the property. During the subsequent search of the compound, detectives reported encountering hundreds of uncapped hypodermic needles, trace amounts of blood which commonly result from intravenous drug use, as well as buckets containing urine and feces.

One day later in September search warrants were served in Seaside, resulting in the arrest of five more individuals on drug related charges and probation violations. In mid October another five individuals were arrested on heroin charges in the Elsie area off of Highway 26.

According to Brown, Ayles changed his plea to No Contest to the charge midway through his trial when a co-defendant  agreed to turn state’s evidence and testify against him.

The United States Sentencing Commission, in its March 2012 document Selected Departure and Variance Decisions, explains that “upward sentencing” may be warranted “[i]f reliable information indicates that the defendant’s criminal history category substantially under-represents the seriousness of the defendant’s criminal history or the likelihood that the defendant will commit other crimes.”


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