Operation Pandora’s Box Nets 20 Arrests in Clatsop County

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Six people were arrested at this complex outside of Seaside in a Drug Task Force operation named “Pandora’s Box”.

A Clatsop County Drug Task Force investigation over the course of approximately 6 months has resulted in the execution of multiple search warrants and arrests in Clatsop County Sunday morning September 2nd 2012. “Operation Pandora’s Box” resulted in 20 arrests as well as the seizure of Methamphetamine, Heroin and over $2,500.00 in cash.

Search warrants were executed at three separate residences, including a house at 920 6th Avenue in Seaside, and an apartment at 2149 South Franklin #7 in Seaside and a cluster of homes and trailers at 35005 Highway 26 near MP 4. Numerous agencies participated, including Patrol, Corrections (Jail) and the Parole & Probation Divisions of the Clatsop County Sheriff’s Office. Also included were the Clatsop County Drug Task Force, the Pacific County Drug Task Force, Seaside Police Department, Cannon Beach Police Department, Warrenton Police Department and Clatsop County Animal Control.

Due to the closely connected relationship of the drug trafficking between Clatsop and Pacific counties, the Pacific County Drug Task Force provided equipment and personnel to assist with the execution of the search warrants as well as the ongoing investigation.

The Drug Task Force had received numerous citizen complaints regarding the mentioned residences and several of the subjects involved over the course of several months. Investigation revealed the residence at 35005 Highway 26 to be a significant source of Heroin and Methamphetamine within Clatsop County and was also found to be connected with drug activity in Pacific County. Upon entry of the residence, law enforcement personnel encountered and secured two subjects as well as a pit bull dog. A total of six campers and RVs surrounded the house. Four additional subjects were removed from trailers on the property.

Residents arrested at the compound on drug related charges included:

Erin Albert Ayles (DOB 8/22/53 ADDRESS: 35005 HWY 26, SEASIDE)

Shelly Nichol Mcniel (DOB 9/16/1991 ADDRESS: 84663 JUNCTION ROAD, SEASIDE)

Jacqueline Diane Ward (DOB 10/24/81 ADDRESS: 35005 HWY 26, SEASIDE)

Christopher Arthur Monroe (DOB 12/24/81 ADDRESS: 349 S COLUMBIA,SEASIDE)

Linda Kay Brazer(DOB 9/2/60 ADDRESS: 35005 HWY 26, SEASIDE)

Ronald Keith Hobbs (DOB 9/9/62 ADDRESS: 35005 HWY 26, SEASIDE)

Jamie Loree Shirley, Scott Eric Shirley Sr, and Scott Eric Shirley Jr. were arrested on drug related charges in the Pandora’s Box operation. Arrests included one mother and daughter and two fathers and sons combinations as the operation saw multi-generational abuse and illegal operations.

None of the structures within the compound had electricity or water service. There were numerous electrical cords leading from a generator to several locations within the compound. Sewage from the compound was directed through pipes into the Necanicum River, which flows alongside the property. During the subsequent search of the compound, detectives encountered hundreds of uncapped hypodermic needles, trace amounts of blood which commonly results from interventions drug use, as well as buckets containing urine and feces. This will also be turned over to Clatsop County Building and codes for investigation.
During the search of the compound two female subjects, Nicole Elizabeth Williams (DOB 11/17/92 ADDRESS: TRANSIENT SEASIDE) and Lindsay Marie Ordway (DOB 7/11/90 ADDRESS: 199 S WAHANNA APT A, SEASIDE), arrived on scene to purchase illegal drugs. Detectives arrested both subjects for the attempted purchase of a controlled substance. Methamphetamine was later located on Ordway’s person.

The two previously mentioned residences within Seaside were also a source of illegal drugs, actively being frequented with a high volume of drug traffic, creating a hazardous environment within those neighborhoods and generating numerous citizen complaints.


Drug related arrests at the 2149 South Franklin apartment included:

Sahara Lee Elder (DOB 9/30/90 ADDRESS: 2149 S FRANKLIN APT. 7, SEASIDE)

Robert Lee Hanson (DOB 2/10/85 ADDRESS: 2149 S FRANKLIN APT. 7, SEASIDE), who had an outstanding warrant as well.

Drug related arrests at the 920 6th Avenue residence included:

Mark Robert Hanson(DOB 4/27/64 ADDRESS: 501 RAILROAD APT 27, SEASIDE)

Margaret Norine Fournier (DOB 12/6/67 ADDRESS: 38282 HWY 26, SEASIDE)

Jeremiah James Hughes(DOB 10/04/85 ADDRESS: 35237 ORCHARD LANE, ASTORIA)

Kevin John Morse (DOB 11/27/88 ADDRESS: 2149 S FRANKLIN APT 7, SEASIDE)

Scott Eric Shirley Sr (DOB 4/25/71 ADDRESS: 738 W MARINE DR #8, ASTORIA)

Scott Eric Shirley Jr.(DOB 8/11/92 ADDRESS: TRANSIENT ASTORIA)

Jamie Loree Shirley (DOB 1/25/72 ADDRESS 783 W MARINE DR, ASTORIA).

Detectives later arrested two subjects, Steven Allen Millner (DOB 4/2/63 ADDRESS: 1159 S DOWNING, SEASIDE) and Friedrich John Ostermeier Jr. (DOB 10/7/64 ADDRESS: 2080 N ROOSEVELT, SEASIDE), in Seaside. Both subjects were arrested on drug related charges connected to the investigation. Detectives also later arrested, Roger Wayne Mclaughlin (DOB 11/8/55 ADDRESS: 1741 FRANKLIN, ASTORIA), in Astoria, on drug related charges, as a result of the ongoing investigation.

A total of 20 arrests were made on Sunday related to “Operation Pandora’s Box”. 18 of the subjects were taken to the Clatsop County Jail whereupon they were booked and lodged pending arraignment or early release due to lack of jail space and overcrowding. Also, as a side note, there was one mother and daughter and two fathers and sons arrested in this case.
“As Sheriff of this County I would like to thank all the Deputies and Officers involved from the numerous agencies who worked diligently to help with this large case” commented Clatsop County Sheriff Tom Bergin. “They did an excellent job and I am proud to work with these individuals every day.”