Members and Record Book Recognition Night

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Junior Leaders (Front Row: Angela Padgett, Dani Sampson, Samathan Brawley, Ian Thompson) (Back Row: Christie Lynn, Nadine Englund, Rebecca Owenby, Ashton Wittich, Stormy Wooldridge)

On Tuesday, November 1st, the Clatsop County 4-H Program recognized 4-H members and Clubs for the accomplishments and for going that extra mile during the 2010-2011 4-H year.  The program started out with the American pledge led by Tyler Ranta and the 4-H pledge led by Hailey Ranta.  Rebecca Owenby led the Invocation.

One of the fundraisers the 4-H has each year is KOINS FOR KIDS: Chelsea Christensen with assistance from Sadie Wooldridge told us about how people save their change throughout the year and bring to the recognition night and donate them to the program to help sponsor member scholarships to retreats and camps.



The member awards started with the presenting of the year pins for Cloverbuds for years 1, 2, 3 and 4, and certificates to the graduating Cloverbuds moving into traditional 4-H.  In traditional 4-H, year pins are awarded to members who have completed years 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9.  Also first year Junior Leaders received their junior leader pin.  Pins and certificates were presented by Marlyce Litwin and Deanne Wooldridge, Sadie Woolridge, Zoe Wooldridge, and Chelsea Christensen.


Tyler Ranta Best Junior Story

RECORD BOOK AWARDS:All members who submitted a record book received a certificate for completing and turning in their record book for judging. Then based upon the score received for their record book, they also receive a green or gold seal on their certificate.  And those books that received 32 or more points ‑ out of 35 possible points ‑ also received a medal for one of their project areas.  George Zwalen, Ashton Wittich and Ian Thompson, took turns reading a little about each of the members which Katherine Kahl had written.  Awards were presented by Faith Samuelson and Jeanne Lynn.


Baylee McSwain Critique Only

Taileigh Cole Critique Only

Lexi Lee Certificate of Completion

Margaret Wilski Green Seal Award

Junior Division

Bridget Harwood Dog with Gold Seal Award

Kaylee Finn Rabbit with Gold Seal Award

Chelsea Christensen Sheep with Gold Seal Award

Tyler Ranta Sheep with Gold Seal Award

Hailey Ranta Sheep with Gold Seal Award

Nikki Sasso Foods and Nutrition with Gold Seal Award

Sarah Lertora Cats with Gold Seal Award

Jared Lecure Swine with Gold Seal Award

Celeste Griffin Clothing and Textiles with Gold Seal Award

Intermediate Division

Sarah Rusheinsky Dog with Gold Seal Award

Ian Thompson Community Service with Gold Seal Award

Megan McCall-Devos Swine-Market with Gold Seal Award

Ashton Wittich Achievement with Gold Seal Award

Libby DiBartolomeo Swine-market with Gold Seal Award

Rachel Lertora Fashion Revue with Gold Seal Award

Christy Lynn Leadership with Gold Seal Award

Rebecca Owenby Poultry with Gold Seal Award

Gabrielle Griffin Cloting/Sewing with Gold Seal Award

Josh Wait Rabbits with Gold Seal Award

Senior Division

Danielle Sampson Breeding Beef with Gold Seal Award

George Zwahlen Poultry with Gold Seal Award

Emily Meshke Achievement with Gold Seal Award


Chrisite Lynn Best Int Story; Int Outstanding Record Book; Intermediate Achievement and Ambassador Award



Cyndi Mudge from the Astoria Sunday Market works with the 4-H program teaching members how to start a business from the planning stages to selling their products.  She presented the Young Entrepreneur Grant Awards.



These are awards that members and clubs have earned for their hard work and who have been nominated by leaders and other  adults or members for the award.  Rebecca Owenby, Zoe Wooldridge, and George Zwalen, took turns telling a little bit  about each of the Special Club and Member Awards and its recipient.  Awards were presented by Marlyce Litwin and Faith Samuelson.

Best 4‑H Story.  The winners of each division (junior, intermediate and senior) read their 4-H story.

Best Junior 4‑H Story  was  Junior Member Tyler Ranta.

Best Intermediate 4‑H Story was Intermediate Member Christy Lynn.

Best Senior 4‑H Story was Senior Member Dani Sampson.

Dani Sampson: Best Senior Story; Outstanding Senior Record Book; Ambassador Award; Junior Leader; and, Leadership Award

Junior Leadership – Rebecca Owenby.  This award is presented each year to members who have been nominated by their leader  They are recognized for exhibiting outstanding leadership qualities in their club work.   This includes: working with younger members, working on club committees, sharing their knowledge and skills with others, and assisting club leaders.

Ambassadors – Angela Padgett, Nick Agalzoff, Christy Lynn, Dani Sampson, Nikki Wirkkala, and Rebecca Owenby.  Given to outstanding teens who complete the Ambassador selection process which includes an interview and training.  They represent 4-H at various county events such as speaking for local service groups, recruitments, and helping with various Leaders Association events.

Special Achievement  – Lexi Lee.  This award is presented to a member who have been nominated and have shown significant personal growtih because of their involvment in 4-H, they have stretched themselves, taken on challenges and overcome barriers.  One of her challenges is working in groups.  This year she worked on overcoming this barrier by working in team projects with the leadership group and the camp counselors.  She even video taped parts of the 4-H Summer Camp.  She has overcome extreme obstacles and has challenged herself in such a way that she is an inspiration to all. 

Certificate of Excellence – Angela Padgett and Nikki Wirkkala.  To receive this award a member must complete more in depth coverage of a project, they must develop and conduct a presentation that shares project skills and/or knowledge beyond a club level and/or organizing and event or activity.  They took on coordinating the 2010 4-H Lock In as their senior project.  This award requires them to put in more than 20 hours into a project…I think they each put in about 60 hours!

Kylee Finn - Outstanding First Year Member

Junior Achievement – Bridget Harwood. This award is presented to an outstanding Junior 4-H members who has demonstrated outstanding 4-H work and achievement in the Paws-In-Action 4-H Club.  Bridget always has a positive attitude and this was also reflected in the attitude of her dog.  She is not afraid to speak up or make a mistake which has helped her make great strides with her project this past year.  She has helped with multiple community service projects:  Including helping with the Cannon Beach Dog Show, the Rabies shot clinic in Seaside, helping set up and clean up at meetings, making dog biscuits to hand out at the 4th of July parade, as well as helping decorate the float.

Intermediate Achievement – Rachel Lertora, Christy Lynn and Rebecca Owenby. This special award can only be earned by  intermediate members.  To receive this award, the member must be in 7-9 grade, be actively involved in the club and county level,  have been in the 4-H program for 2 years, be junior leader and submit a record book for medals.

Rachel Lertora— Rachel is a member of the Black Sheep and Company club.  She participated and won the Oregon “Make it with Wool” contest and traveled to Las Vegas as an Oregon representative.  She also taught a portion of the Quality Assurance  workshop, was a camp counselor, and active junior leader in her club, and participated in presentations and at State Fair.

Outstanding Junior Record Book - Hailey Ranta

Christy Lynn–  Christy is a member of the Fur and Feathers 4-H Club. She has grown a lot in the past year in 4-H.  She has taken on many teaching and leadership roles such as camp counselor, presenting at awards ceremonies, fair superintendent of Cloverbuds, Governing Board member at the WORLD Leadership Retreat in Salem, and an Ambassador.  She has participated in many community service projects and events and is always willing to help when needed.  Christy is a huge asset to the 4-H

Intermediate Acheivement Award, Junior Leadership, Junior Leader, Ambassador - Rebecca Owenby

Rebecca Owenby-Rebecca has been very helpful at almost everything this past year in the Hare Raisers 4-H Club.  She has helped the younger members learn about their projects, has led games and also helped with the club planning.  She has been very active in various leadership roles such as teaching at Super Saturday, being a Lock-In counselor, being a 4-H Ambassador, attending camp counselor training, and having fun with other 4-Hers.  She has been a great influence for the 4-H program and is an inspiration for youth to see how much fun a person can have in 4-H.

Senior Achievement – Emily Meshke.  This award is for a culmination of work over several years, they must have contributed significantly to their club, county or state 4-H program.  They must have completed the 10th grade, be involved for at least two years and submit a record book for medals.  Emily’s years in 4-H have changed her as a person.  She has been involved in numerous leadership roles, community service projects, and multiple 4-H projects.

4-H Communication Award – Emily Meshke.  This award is presented to somone who by written word, presentation, demonstration or other public speaking avenue contributes to the 4-H program.  Emily was very active in teaching classes and organizing events.  She also video taped a presentation to help promote the value of record books to senior high school members.

4-H Service Award – Ashley Nimmo. This award is given to only one member for unselfish and numerous acts of service to 4-H and others.  This year’s winner is Ashley Nimmo a member of the Classy Canines 4-H Club.  Ashley’s senior project was called  Dogs-R-Us where she collected dog and cat food for families struggling financially.  At the end of August, she had collected more
than 900 pounds of pet food for the Clatsop County Food Bank.

Outstanding  First Year Member – Kylee Finn. This is awarded to a new member who has really taken to 4-H, jumped in with both feet going above and beyone.  She attended all of the meetings and traveled to small animal shows throughout Oregon.   She started with one rabbit and expanded her rabbit project, plus took on horticulture and photography, entering multiple exhibits in all of her projects.  She has participated in many judging contests and 4-H events, as well as community service.  She is a pleasure to be around and always willing to help at club meetings.

Leadership Award – Dani Sampson.  This award goes to an individual who “dares to stretch themselves in a leadership role”, exhibits character, compassion, initiative, innovation and dedication to 4-H.  Locally, Dani has been involved in numerous leadership and teaching roles.  Beyond Clatsop County 4-H, Dani was a member of the Western Oregon Regional Leadership Retreat  Governing Board in Salem, a committee member of Oregon State Summer Conference, and was selected as a National Delegate and will be going to Atlanta, Georgia this Thanksgiving with 4-Hers from all over the United States.

Hall of Fame Award, Certificate of Excellence, Ambassador & Junior Leader - Angela Padgett

Hall of Fame – Angela Padgett. This award goes to an individual who is dedicated to 4-H at all levels of involvement, individuals who have made a difference to the success of 4-H, may only be received once in their 4-H career.  Angela has not only been very active at the county level in teaching at Super Saturday events, being a County Ambassador, coordinating county events, a member of various 4-H committees, but she has also been extremely active in other county/state events such as being a camp counselor for the Wild West Camp in Salem, traveling to Japan with the Exchange program, hosting Japanese and Finnish students, being an international camp counselor, as well as attending many state supported events like Summer Conference, Survivor Camp, and various retreats.  This is the highest county award a 4-Her can receive.  She will be inducted into the Hall of Fame at the Club House.



Club Accomplishment Award Awarded to three clubs this year–based on their member’’s involvement in club and county events. These clubs all taught at Super Saturday and engaged in club community service activities.

Clatsop Claybusters Shotgun Club

Wolf Track Archery - Club Accomplishment Award

Wolf Track Archery Club

Green Mountain Broadheads Archery Club

Community Service Club Award – Classy Canines Dog Club. This award is to recognize a club for outstanding community service on behalf of 4-H and is a reflection of a team effort, group learning experience and shared responsibility and working towards a common goal with a positive outcome for the commuity and improved community awareness of 4-H.  This club annually participates in the placemat and food drive projects as well as promoting animal welfare. But this year, they far exceeded these normal community service activities. They sponsored a Rally Obedience and Dog Agility fun day at the fairgrounds, and with the proceeds they have been purchasing Pet Oxygen masks for dogs and cat’s faces. These have been given to the Knappa area Fire Department, two Lewis and Clark Fire Departments, and one Gearhart Fire Department. They are hoping to be able to supply pet masks to all of the fire departments in Clatsop County.

Classy Canines - Community Service Award

Clatsop Claybusters - Club AccomplishmentAward

Standard of Excellence Club Award – Leadership Club. A club must have previously received the Club Accomplishment or Outstanding 4-H Award to receive this award.  It must have a high member participation and involvment and leadership role in county, state, national and international events.  This is a club that stands out above the others.  Promotes community service, leadership and citizenship at a club and county level.  Each year, one club is eligible to receive this award and is added to the 4-H Hall of Fame at the Club House. The Leadership Club promotes Junior Leadership, encourages leadership at county/regional/state events, and promotes community service. Some of the activities included: Two members being on the Governing (planning) Board for the 3-day Western Regional Leadership Retreat in Salem, many of them taught games at the Tillamook Junior Leader Retreat, teaching Improv at the Super Saturday Workshop, attended the WORLD leadership retreat, and Summer Conference in Corvallis with one member being on the Summer Conference planning committee.


Leadership Club - Standards of Excellence Award