7th Annual Topsey Turvey Shanghied Sept 23rd & 24th

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Topsey Turvey 2005, photo courtesy of Shanghied in Astoria My Space photos

The Astor Street Opry Company (ASOC)  will be presenting the 7TH Annual Topsey Turvey Shanghied. This year it will be  sponsored by North Coast Fred Meyer Store.

Favorite cast regulars from Shanghied In Astoria are playing roles in very unique ways, but for two nights only. ASOC describes Topsey Turvey Shanghied as:

“The most outrageous, original, entertaining event this side of Vernonia!  SHANGHAIED like you’ve never seen it… GIRLS PLAYING GUY…AND GUYS…..well… ATTEMPTING TO PLAY GIRLS!”

To kick off the evening of “cultural uplifting entertainment” some very “special” Olio acts, also done in drag, will begin at 7:30 pm. Doors will open at 7:00 pm. This special showing of Topsy Turvey Shanghied will only  run September 23rd & 24th at the ASOC Playhouse 129 West Bond Street Uniontown Astoria.

The 2011 cast includes: Olios Cheryl Honey, Master of Ceremonies, Avery Hartzler, “Krooke and Sneake” Elsa Nethercot and Tiffany Simmons. “Sweet Virginia” Sky Gager, Jakko & Eino” Connie Cisneros and ChrisLynn Taylor. Our “Captian Jack” Julie House with “Vivian and Wong Long” performed by Bill Carr and Sandi Hilton. The Sturdy “Olsen Sisters” are Paul Costello, Mike Payne, Cole Hilton and Zach Sandoval. “Miss Macie and Mark Castle” will be Derick Watson and Carlie Lewis Allen. Justin Toby and Justin Germond will slip inot their best corsets and become “Rosie and Lacie”. With Ingrid Golleher-Johnson and Gracie Ogren as sailors “Pat and Mike”.

Back by popular demand are two favorites from the 2010 cast, the dynamic Mother and son duo,  Rusty House and Skye McKey as “Mama & Eric Olsen”

Tickets are only $15.00 to 8.00 for this unique “fun-raising” event and can now be purchased on line at www.astorstreetoprycompany.com or by calling the Shanghaied “Ticket Hotline” @ 325-6104 OR at the door beginning one hour before show time.  All proceeds go towards helping ASOC Production Committee to fund new activities.

Call 325-6104, check out their website at www.astorstreetoprycompany.com or find them on Facebook,  for the latest Astor Street Opry Company updates!